Digitize me, Fred!

Or, I’m back. Sort of, anyway. Getting on with the business of moving files and tweaking. Yay!



7 thoughts on “Digitize me, Fred!

  1. JD, thanks! Yes, all digits crossed.

    Miranda, I’m even crankier than normal without ‘net.

    Thank you, Hekuni Cat! Here’s hoping.

  2. Hey holy crap, I think we have the same computer! Does your screen ever go dark and then you can’t get it to come back on again?

  3. Hey, Rey. You have one of these Lenovo IdeaCentre flex 20 things? This one is only a few days old, so no, I haven’t had that problem, but tonight I’ve noticed it dims the screen, in spite of my settings. Sounds like some research is needed. Fuck, I hope I don’t start running into problems immediately. And I hope you don’t have any computer woes, either.

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