Boosting the Signal

You can’t stop the signal…

Chris Clarke has put out a Kickstarter to fund a resource for information about California’s wildlife.  This is a fantastic and seriously needed project, so if you have a dollar loose, or more, please consider kicking it that way.

We’re starting a new blog at to bring you stories about California’s wildlife, the threats they face, and the value they bring us. We’re calling it ReWild. We’ll cover the people who are working to restore California’s wildlife habitat and those who could be doing a better job accounting for their impacts on that wildlife as well.

The backbone of ReWild will be our Citizens’ Guide to California Wildlife. The Guide will include a comprehensive database of threatened wildlife species in California, a guide to laws, agencies and organizations working on wildlife issues, and helpful answers to your questions about living with wildlife. Can you pick wildflowers legally? What do you do if a seal swims up to you while kayaking? Can you pour a new concrete driveway on your property in wildlife habitat? We’ll give you a one-stop shop for all your wildlife information needs.

But gathering all that information and giving it to you in a way you can use takes money. In this campaign, we aim to raise the cash to put together the first version of the Citizens’ Guide to California Wildlife and make it available to readers free of charge.

We need your help to pull this off, at whatever level you can afford. Thank you.

– Chris Clarke, for KCETLink’s ReWild


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