Or, How to feel like you aren’t getting anything done. One thing about tentacles, doing the suckers is a serious time suck. That’s appropriate sounding, eh? Doing the outer edge of the suckers in DMC 666, two strand.



6 thoughts on “Suckers

  1. Hee. I’m doing this for PZ and Mary. I have no doubt PZ will note the suckers are not going to be anatomically correct, but I don’t want to do that much work, so I’m claiming artistic license! :D

  2. Hee, me too. Thank you! I’m sure I have something which will match well when I get to doing the other side of the tentacles in the coppery brown variegated. I’ll be filling in the suckers with DMC satin snow white (S5200).

  3. but PZ everyone knows you are the REAL KOOK

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