Rockin’ the Tentacles

of the brilliant and generous Corvus tristus again. Best tentacles, ever. This will be a pillow, a gift. I’m going to just flow into a nice running stitch for a day or two, indulging in some soothing mental ‘basket weaving’. Heh. With this set of tentacles, I’m using variegated perle, size 8.  Found a six pack of them at JoAnn’s for a mere $8.00. (Only five spools in the photo because I gave the spool of pink to Agnes. She wanted it very much, and I won’t be using that colour, so…) On the tentacles, I’m going with the variegated red and the variegated coppery brown. Initially, I was going to use a pale blue cloth, but there’s just something about pale blue that aggravates me no end. Not my kind of colour. ETA: Corvus tristis’s fabulous tentacles can be found here: Just click on the drawing to get an enlargeable, downloadable copy. The rest of her free pattern archive is here: Check them out, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll fall in love with.


6 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Tentacles

  1. I like the fabric, it looks like sand.

    Agnes likes pink? Is it because pink is like berries? *runs away quickly* I will be interested in reading about what she does with the thread, though.

  2. Thank you, Anne. I like it, too.

    Hahahahahaha, oh my. Good thing Agnes is a rat, and doesn’t care about all that pink lady brainz stuff! I haven’t tracked down what she did with the spool yet, but I imagine it’s already in a state of carnage. I’ll be sure to take a pic and post it to Rattitude. (They *love* chewing on and pulling thread out into an impossible snare – gad, you should see what they do to a skein of embroidery thread, it’s criminal!)

  3. I love the variegated with the tentacles (and what a cool tangle of tentacles!) This is going to be a great pillow. (Also, again, I chuckle every time I remember that your rats are named after Pratchett characters.)

  4. Thanks, Rene. That’s one great thing about tentacles, variegated thread works magnificently!

    If the names fit…and they do, use ’em. Agnes is about the sweetest thing ever, but she knows how to be persistent.

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