I think this might be what I’m going to do with the stainless weave. Maybe. Don’t know. Still thinking.



6 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. Thanks, Rene! I had already been planning to do this when Rick came home with the weave. Seemed like a good fit.

    Thanks, Cicely!

  2. And because someone asked about what media I have in mind, I’ll include that here:

    Well, initially, I had planned to do this piece much larger when Rick came home with the stainless weave. So, my thinking right now is to use mostly liquid acrylics, regular acrylics and some ink. I have been thinking about possibly embroidering some parts of it, to incorporate a textile, but I’m not sure about that yet. Colour-wise, it will be black with pale grays and a slight bit of electric blue. If I do go with this, I’ll probably do the piece on a cheap canvas first, just to make sure I get it how I want it, before committing it to the weave.

  3. Very evocative, Caine!

    Also, *much love and many hugs*. It was hard being without internet for 10 days while in Wisconsin with my mom, and I am only now getting to see all your posts.

  4. Thank you, A! Yeah, I don’t like being offline that long either. I hope your trip and stay was a good one and productive.

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