I’ve been bordering on seriously burnt out for a while, so it’s time to play.



Inspired by geometry, maps, uncharted territory and the not so functional state of my brain.

6 thoughts on “Abstracted

  1. Yes, that could be a 1:20,000 map from somewhere in Eastern or Central Finland (or other place where Ice Age created a lot of lakes with long shorelines).

    Abstract or not, non-figurative or not it still looks great!

  2. It’s very cool to know that, thank you. And thanks very much! I’m happy with it – doing stuff like this is a sort of brain candy, something to keep myself engaged while other ideas are percolating and getting sorted.

  3. Beautiful brain candy. I agree, it does look a bit like lakes and rivers seen from above. Or maybe that’s the color combination (which is great.) Sometimes it’s nice to switch media and see what that jogs loose.

  4. Thank you. It’s vital to switch media now and then, at least for me. Speaking of, I was playing with liquid acrylics to do this.

  5. This is beautiful. Probably because of the mixture of blues and silvers, it made me think about the tomb complex built by Qin Shi Huang (the first Chinese emperor) which is reputed to have a model of his kingdom, complete with rivers of flowing mercury, buried underground, to go with his terra cotta army.

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