Pollen Dance





3 thoughts on “Pollen Dance

  1. Bees and dandelions. What’s not to like?

    Thank you for sharing your world.

  2. Thank you. I used to be stone terrified of bees, I’m severely allergic to the venom. When I picked up a camera, I found that getting the shot was more important than my fear.

  3. Notwithstanding the way it is so often portrayed in fiction, bravery isn’t a matter of simply not being afraid: it’s what you do despite your fears. In the book The Guns of Navarone, at one point the large, tough, Greek Andreas, says [paraphrasing] to the youngest member of the team, “Andreas is afraid. Andreas is always afraid. That’s why he’s still alive.” I’ve always thought it addressed that particular point quite nicely.

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