5 thoughts on “Friday Walk

  1. Heh. Practice, practice, practice! It’s been good to get out with the camera again. I do wish the weather would stabilize. Still getting a lot of rain.

  2. I take lots of pictures. I decidedly do not have Caine’s eye, expertise, experience, etc., etc., but the beauty of digital photography is that I can take lots of shots and only keep those that are decent, and really not waste anything in the process.

  3. That is a joy of digital photography, to be sure. Rick says I’m a good photographer because I’m an artist. I think he’s full of shit, but I love him anyway. :D

  4. I’m siding with Rick on this one. :D

    I actually had a dream with Rick in it the other day. I was helping him look for both of his sleep pillows, which were unaccountably missing. Unfortunately, I don’t remember if we found them. The dream must have moved in some other direction before that situation was resolved.

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