The Goods

Rick will be getting his birthday goodies today, then we’ll be heading off into town to catch a movie.

On the bottom, the large memory foam chair cushion he’s been wanting, and two sleep pillows, filled with homegrown hops, lavender, cedar and sage. The one with the dragon initials is for when he’s in Gladstone, the other for home.
The backs of the sleep pillows. I did a snap closure on both, so the filling can be replaced when necessary.
A 2.5″ X 3.5″ acrylic painting, using some beautiful plastic swarf Rick brought home for me some time ago. It’s for him to have when he’s away.

5 thoughts on “The Goods

  1. These are wonderful, beautiful, and thoughtful gifts, Caine. Please tell Rick Happy Birthday for me.

  2. Rick says thank you, A! Thank you from me, too. It wasn’t much, but Rick was very pleased with everything. Put *both* his sleep pillows under his pillow last night.

  3. The sleep pillows look sooooo cool and restful! I especially like the dragons.

  4. Thanks, Cicely! I’ll relay the happy birthday to Rick whenever he decides to wake up – he’s having a snooze in this morning.

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