Bruce lends a skull

I spent some time last night photographing Bruce’s skull, and this is the position I’ll use for Skully Rat.  Now to translate it into something I can embroider…and, that wasn’t too difficult. At least the drawing bit.




5 thoughts on “Bruce lends a skull

  1. It’s just awesome.
    And a wonderful way to remember Bruce (and those who came before him, and those who came after him)

  2. I agree with Giliell, and I can’t think of anything to add that improves on it.

  3. Sorry to be so late replying – I wasn’t notified for some reason. Thanks, Giliell! I hope I can do him justice.

    Thanks, Hekuni Cat. I know it’s a bit odd to keep their skulls, but it makes me feel like they’re still around.

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