Night Work

When you haven’t slept in blankety-blank hours and are utterly exhausted, and the rats have decided it’s time for the circus, in your bed, it’s time for a little night work to allow the hyper-rats to calm down. I haven’t had any time to work on my skully quilt (Skully patterns from Urban Threads), but I would actually like it done before next winter hits (as if this one has ended!)  I have all of one skully done, this one is the 2nd one out of 18 total. Did I say finished in time for next winter? Yeah, right.



8 thoughts on “Night Work

  1. Thanks. I just finished the skull up. The quilt will be around 66″ x 86″, but the skully squares will be going on the quilt top, not making up the quilt top. It would take much too long to do that many squares!

  2. I love the skully. Good luck getting it finished by next winter. (And here’s hoping this winter will soon loosen its grip on ND.)

  3. Oh, I don’t think having it done by next winter is realistic, but hey, I can fantasize! Yeah, this winter doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon, there’s still a couple of feet of snow all over and another storm is supposed to be on the way. Yeesh.

  4. My husband & I own &operate a home for Disabled Veterans. We would like a large sign with our name on it for our front yard.
    The name of our business is ” the Adams Home of Tranquility”.
    We are very passionate about out work. These veterans sacrificed their lives for their country and we want to give back by giving them a nice home to live one. We are state certified and up & ready to go!
    Could you tell me what your cost would be for a patriotic sign ii’m the back ground and our name some where on the front? Also how long it woul take to do this project?


    Jennie Adams

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