Arachnid Distraction: Done

Micrathena cyanospina, the beautiful orb weaver photographed by Piotr Naskrecki and blogged at The Smaller Majority is finished, yay! Now  I’m going to collapse, because I have the joy of dealing with yet another episode of acute pancreatitis. (Yeah, I know, I should be back in the hospital but I just can’t do that right now – timing is everything.) So, intense upper abdominal pain? Check. Intense upper back pain? Check. Respiratory difficulty? Check. Fever? Check. All nice and sweaty? Check. Chills? Check. All clammy now? Check. Nausea? Check. Ugh. The only thing under control right now is the vomiting. Time for more pain meds, more anti-nausea meds and back to bed. I’ll probably be gone for a bit.


7 thoughts on “Arachnid Distraction: Done

  1. That is amazing!
    You are a machine!
    I just saw your comment on a Pharyngula thread and thought I’d leave a *hug* here.
    Get well.

  2. You are amazing, Caine, and your creation is simply beautiful, a wonder to behold.

    I so sorry that your pancreatitis is flaring up again. I hope you feel better soon. love and many hugs

  3. Chigau, thank you! It really does feel good to have Micrathena finished. She’ll be one of my prize pieces.

    Hallo, Piotr! Thank you so much – especially for all the work you do to bring such diversity and beauty of life to all of us who don’t have the opportunity to go in search of. :D There’s at least a dozen more of your photos I’d like to translate from Relics. Absolutely amazing work, that.

    Hekuni Cat, thank you. I’m thrilled with Micrathena and I know not everyone shares the spider love, but I like them and have an abiding affection for Orb Weavers.

    Cicely, thank you. I’m all medicated up for today, so I’ll try to get a little work done in between being an absolute space case. My doc suspects the problem may be malnutrition (I don’t eat regularly), so it looks like diet time for me. Looks like the blizzard that hit PZ will be hitting here tomorrow, so I most likely won’t be online, but I’m hanging in there.

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