I love a good mail day.  Today, 3 packages arrived.  The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible, yay! I’m so happy it’s now in print and that I have my own copy.  Two more of the Rathbone/Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies, Sherlock Holmes Faces Death and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – that makes 7 I have, 7 more to go.  And to top it all off, more scent from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs – Plunder, Mary Read and Yggdrasil along with 6 imps: Shoggoth, Baku, Dragon’s Milk, White Rabbit, The Robotic Scarab and Cordelia.



4 thoughts on “Goodies

  1. An excellent day indeed. What a haul. The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible is gorgeous. I might need one myself.

  2. I’m still reading Misogyny. Thank you again for the recommendation. (Right after I was feeling better, I caught a cold, which derailed nearly everything I had planned to accomplish last week.) I was particularly struck, on page 140, when Holland says,

    “The ability of women to protect themselves, and avoid pregnancy, challenged the biological determinism that lies behind so much misogyny. The anxiety that this creates, today as in the seventeenth century, is often disguised in moralizing that such protection makes women even more vulnerable to men’s lusts. But it cannot hide the essential fear of women controlling their reproductive fate, thus achieving the autonomy that all misogynists dread.”

    With all the anti-woman legislation currently being pressed upon us by conservatives, coupled with other social phenomena* such as purity balls, abstinence-only sex education, pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, etc., the truth of this should be apparent to anyone paying attention. I felt Holland stated it so well and concisely.

    If anyone had told me in 1984** about the current state of women rights in this country, I wouldn’t have believed it.

    *Although many of these are also part of the anti-woman legislation.

    **Just seemed like a good year to choose. :D (I would have been 22.)

  3. Yes, Holland’s writing is concise and clear. He was right, too – it’s always about autonomy. People can dance around it, but it’s what it always comes down to in the end. If anyone had told me that in ’84, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

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