Unchained Stitchery

Okay, not quite. Another in the long line of projects is Urban Thread’s Clockwork Natura Tree, sans the clockwork. Thanks to Rene at Nerdbroidery, I discovered the right way to do a chain stitch – backwards!  Okay, it’s not the right way, but it’s bloody brilliant and makes doing a chain stitch relaxing and swift.  I just had to play with it a little bit, and Natura gave me the excuse.

Chainstitch, done backwards.
Chainstitch, done backwards.
Natura, design at Urban Threads.
Natura, design at Urban Threads.

4 thoughts on “Unchained Stitchery

  1. So much fun this way! Natura is a gorgeous design, and I love the colors you’re using.

  2. I don’t know anything about embroidery, so I can’t tell anything about the chain stitch. That said, I love the colors and the design.

    I’ve been ill for the past couple of days, which didn’t allow me to read anything of substance, but I just read the “poisoned chalice” reference in Misogyny. ♥

  3. Thanks, Rene! I had manzanita in mind with this design, so for the tree, I’m using Snow White (DMC 5200), Dark Rosewood (DMC 3857), Med. Dark Antique Mauve (DMC 315), Dark Cocoa (DMC 779) and Very Light Brown Gray (DMC 3024). No idea of what I’m going to do with the skull yet.

    Hekuni Cat, basically, doing the stitch backwards makes it flow better, so the stitches are more uniform and you don’t have to pay that much attention to them. Oh, I’m sorry you’ve been ill, hope you’re feeling better know. Heh, I thought “poison chalice” would be a *good* clue, but I guess not!

  4. I am feeling better, Caine, and thank you for the explanation. (It’s wonderful how many things I learn from you. ♥)

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