A Helping Hand

Update: the goal has been reached! Thank you!

The Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda is a wonderful school, well worth supporting. This type of education should be supported everywhere. A while back, there was a fundraiser for the school to enable them to have their own chicken coop and chickens, so eggs could be provided for the students. That was a successful venture and the children now have eggs every day.  Now they’d like to buy a small parcel of land for their school, so they have ownership. So, there’s another fundraiser – the bulk of the money has been raised, but another $2,000 is needed. Every little bit helps, so if you can part with a dollar or three, please consider the Kasese Humanist School.

And just in case anyone is concerned about the culture of homophobia in Uganda, and how the school may address that problem, Bwambale Robert, the school director addressed this concern:

On the official stand of the school in regard to homosexuality, the school fully respects does not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation and we are against homophobia that is currently going on against homosexuals. I entirely know that most people in Uganda do not know a lot about basic human rights freedoms, there is high levels of ignorance among the population and its like people are not aware that there are several ways how people can express lovemaking and homosexuality is among them.
At Kasese Humanist Primary School, we do not allow our children to engage in any form of love making as we feel this is not the right time for children to do so, we aim high at giving them a balanced education that is free from dogma and indoctrination. Owed to the high levels of religious dominance here we teach our children religious education but on comparative terms and Religious Education is taught at the school for examination purposes as a requirement by Uganda Government.
Special thanks goes to all those who have also donated towards KHPS Permanent home which i hope will be a model school to offer education in a spacious environment at the same time sending a message that people with no belief can also contribute to the betterment of humanity. Achieving this land fully will help us to plan further how we can have the place developed into a permanent home for KHPS.
With science, we can progress.


2 thoughts on “A Helping Hand

  1. Mr and I decided to support them regularly. We want to help, but I despise the “buy a sweet African child and get monthly letters of thanks” initiatives.

  2. Regular support is great! I’d love to see humanist schools all over the place, but there is a serious need in Uganda, to say the least. There’s no substitute for a good education.

    Oh, *those* charities – yeah, I have nothing to do with those either. Surprisingly little money actually goes toward the child, which is no surprise.

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