It Begins

Another quilt, adult size this time (a single, about 42″ x 72″), with Skullies.  There are 18 Skullies to do, I’m starting with Skully Scientist.  I have skeins of snow white and winter white all set and ready.  I’ve had to replace my floss drawers with art bins with latches, as the rats have figured out how to open drawers.

Skully Scientist, ready to go.
Snow White & Winter White all ready.



4 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. uuu-huuu, cool.
    Have you thought about putting child-safe locks on your drawers? Maybe that makes them rat-safe, too?

  2. Tee hee about the drawers. I would second Giliell’s advice about the child-proof locks. I used some to cat-proof cabinets. =^_^=

  3. I just got an art bin container and two others similar to it, to hold my stitching stuff – they have latches. :D

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