708 Hours of Labor

has produced a baby quilt!  Yay and all that.  Just have to finish a signature tag and do up the sleep pillow.  Almost there.  I will admit, sometimes I can see the value in owning a sewing machine.  I still won’t get one though.



9 thoughts on “708 Hours of Labor

  1. OK, I can definetly see the value in a sewing machine. But I guess that’s why you’re the artist and I’m the seamstress ;)

  2. Oh, it’s nothing like that, Giliell. I form a blackhole of utter suckitude and destruction anytime I’m around a sewing machine – it’s always been that way. I used to have one, but every time I’ve tried to use one, it’s just one fuck up after another. I barely passed (D-) my sewing class in high school, which I took instead of home economics.

    My family is stuffed full of incredibly talented sewers, all of whom can produce artistry with a sewing machine. It’s not a talent of mine, to be sure.

  3. I hope it’s much appreciated. Geodyne wove a cotton baby blanket for my nephew, which was accorded instant heirloom status.

  4. It’s beautiful! And I agree, don’t give in to the sewing machine, it’s far more beautiful by hand.

  5. Thank you, Gael. It looks like the same thing will happen with the quilt, there’s already talk of it being a wall hanging rather than a functional quilt.

  6. Thank you, Charlotte! I agree – I don’t get along with sewing machines, but there is a lot of satisfaction in hand work.

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