Finishing Touches

Finally picked out a fabric for the edges and finishing touches of the baby quilt.  Rick says it looks like duckweed, so that works. :D  I couldn’t resist a little Halloween fabric, given the due date for Darkfetus…I’ll use the Pumpkins in Moonlight fabric to make a small sleep pillow for Darkfetus.  I do have a whole lot of vacuum sealed homegrown hops to use up.


6 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. The Halloween fabric is wonderful. I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished quilt and pillow.

    I’m sorry about Carrot. And about your power cord. (I hope Vasco wasn’t responsible for the latter.) Please pet and gently hug Vasco for me (and Louis too). And thank you for sharing your rats with us. I am daily grateful that you do.

  2. Oh, I love that Halloween fabric. Lucky Darkfetus.

    Carrot? What happened with Carrot? I haven’t been keeping up with the Lounge. Is he doing worse? What about Zoe?

    Give Giles scritches and kisses from me if possible.

  3. Thanks, Hekuni Cat. I *love* Halloween fabric, it was hard just picking out one! Oh, the power cord. It was one or more of Esme’s girls, they’re the ones who like cord chewing. Vasco is hanging out on my desk right now, receiving pets as I type. :D

    Thanks, Nightjar. Giles was just sitting on my shoulder, he received scritches and pets. He’s now helping himself to my coffee.

    About Carrot – he died yesterday. Both he and Zoe were born with Genetic aganglionic megacolon (click for info: megacolon). In Zoe’s case, it seems to be very mild and she is now developing normally after the initial bout of bloating. Carrot never reached a point where he had a chance. His colon never developed properly and he had a full on failure to thrive – he was unable to pull adequate nutrients from food.

    We had him in to see out rat vet on the 10th and we worked out one last ditch strategy to give him one last chance. We set up an appointment for next week to euthanize if it didn’t work, which isn’t needed now. Carrot did make it to 64 days old, which is considerably more than the norm in such cases, it’s usually around 45 days.

    Carrot was very intelligent and very sweet. We enjoyed every moment we had him and he seemed to enjoy every moment himself. He bruxed and boggled for us right to the end.

  4. I’m sorry to hear he died. Poor Carrot.

    Wait… the rats chewed a power cord? Wow.

  5. Yes, rats are rather notorious when it comes to electrical cords. Some of them aren’t interested, but others…it’s a problem. They don’t chew through all at once, they chew the casing away in multiple spots until the wires start breaking and voila!, you no longer have a working power cord.

    I should own stock in an electrical tape company. :D (Oddly enough, they don’t care for chewing on electrical tape.)

  6. Well, I take that back. Sometimes they do chew through all at once – there’s a reason I have a wireless mouse. Mouse cords last about 5 seconds around rats.

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