Latest ATCs

Still playing. I should be working…but I’m having fun!  Amelia went with me to photograph the last card outside and I haven’t hoodie trained her yet.  She’s a natural and stayed under the hood the whole time outside (many avian predators here who would just adore a light snack in the form of a rat, they don’t care if she’s sitting on your shoulder or not.)

Okay, the latest artist trading cards, all watercolour, 2.5″ x 3.5″  cold press cards.

Mood Too
Turtle Dream
Fall Dance




7 thoughts on “Latest ATCs

  1. Pretty pictures!
    Yay Amelia.
    You don’t make it easy to comment here :)
    and the internets knows too much about me

  2. Hi Chigau, thank you! Um, why is difficult to comment here? (Pardon me, I’m being stupid today.)

    Amelia. She’s breaking my heart, it will tear me to pieces when she dies. She’s one of those one in a million rats that rightly should live forever.

  3. I think it’s my middle-aged eyes and the white-on-black format.
    It took me ages to figure out that all those words at the top are links.
    (talk about stupid today)

  4. Oh! Yeah, I’ve thought about changing the theme, but I can’t get the damn preview to work for me lately, wordpress is always changing things every 5 minutes.

  5. When I look at your photography and artwork I am always in awe of your talent. The photos of the fuzzy white moths are amazing, especially the first one; I’ve never seen moths quite like them before. And Mood Too must be speaking to how I’m feeling today; I keep going back to at it.

    I’m happy and sad (in advance) for you about Amelia. Miriya, my little black cat, and I had a bond like that. I was fortunate that we had more than 18 years together. I lost her in 2006 and miss her daily.

    Speaking of rats, though, what’s Vasco up to?

    And are you feeling better?

  6. Thank you so much!

    Yes, you always miss the special ones something terrible. Vasco went out with me today to take some photos and he was very, very excited about outside. He did well under the hoodie, but he did want to just take off and explore. He finds leaves and trees to be terribly exciting and was bruxing and boggling on my shoulder. I took some grape leaves in for the boys and they are all now busy fighting over them. :D

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