Peaceful Pantograph

I decided to work on pantographs for a while, mental basketweaving for a day.  Using Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting.  It’s a bit more expensive, but so very worth it.  It’s great to work with and holds up in a wash, too.  Protip: If you ever decide to use Dritz Disappearing Ink pens, avoid the pink one like the plague.  What a mess.  Plain cold water will completely remove the ink, though, with a bit of elbow grease.


4 thoughts on “Peaceful Pantograph

  1. Your work is stunning, Caine. (Of course, this is coming from someone who can barely sew a button on.) Thank you for sharing your artwork and rats/ratlets with us.

    Thank you, too, for posting the update on TET about JeffreyD. I often think of him very fondly and had been wondering how he was doing.

    I’m off to my mother’s house tomorrow and will be without internet for a week. Maybe by the time I get home things at Pharyngula will have settled down.

    *hugs and gentle pets for all the ratties*

  2. Thank you so much, Hekuni Cat. I’m relieved something is going right for a change. :)

    I’ll let Jeffrey know, I’m sure he’ll be happy for it. I miss most everyone at Pharyngula, but taking an extended break is a good thing right now, I just have tons of stuff to do and it sucks up too much time. I haven’t even gotten started on all the house stuff and I have less than 3 months to finish up the baby quilt! Eeee, busy busy.

    A week with mom, eh? I hope it ‘s a good one.

    All the ratlets are doing great, there will be more pics soon. Many hugses and squeaks to you.

  3. Home with Mom will be different. On the good side, no on else is currently living with her (too long a story for tonight). On the bad side, she is starting to lose her mental clarity. It comes and goes, so one of my tasks will be to try to quantify and qualify what she is experiencing without being obvious about it. It will be challenging. When her mind is working, she’s pretty sharp. (There are definitely days I wish mine worked that well–although the gluten-free diet unexpectedly made a world of difference in that regard.)

    Hugs and squeaks are gratefully received and returned.

  4. Ah, so not just a pleasure visit. That’s a tough one. Honestly, there are days I think my brain has left on permanent vacation. Getting older is not fun. Have a good time. *hugses*

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