Be warned, naughty words ahead and all that.

Er, I’m having one of those days.  In spades. Big, huge, black hole eating spades.  One of those days where I’m either going to take a sledgehammer to something or sit in a corner and cry.  Possibly both.  Why not be destructive both ways? *Sigh*

I had to rip out a huge amount of the work on Pirate Duckie.  That’s bad enough, but there’s serious bad hoop stains on the fabric, so I’m washing it now before I re-back it and start again.

When I started The Darkheart Duckie Project, I didn’t pre-wash my fat quarters at first.  So, the first one done, Punk Duckie? Yeah, massive tensioning fuck ups all over after a wash.  Gee, I’m such a genius. I know it’s not the end of the world, but that’s not helping right now. I don’t care. Feels like the fuck up of the world.

There’s other stuff, a whole host of it, which isn’t helping at all right now, but I am not feeling terribly chatty.  Just pissed as all hells and terribly sorry for my self all at once.

So, I’ll just say Fuckety Fuck Fuck. With Feeling.


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