Geeking Out

The New season of Futurama starts tonight, YAY!   Also, my new packet of Finger Gloves arrived, another yay! there.  I’ve started Nerd Duckie, who has seen yet another change.  I get very tired of the whole intelligent=male default*, so initially, I changed the hair on Nerd Duckie to be more androgynous. Then I found out Darkfetus will be a girl and decided to go with unambiguously female.

*I get very tired of the old trope that all geeky, nerdy types are male too. I know an awful lot of brainiac, geeky, nerdy women and I am one myself. Yes, yes, I know anecdote does not equal data, so there.

ETA: I do love the opportunity to play with variegated thread. I’m also using a recently new variegated for the shirt, DMC ‘s Color Variations 4160, Glistening Pearl. Very subtle, lovely thread.


5 thoughts on “Geeking Out

  1. As a nerdy lady myself, I wholeheartedly approve. The variegated thread looks fantastic in her hair– looks good with a lightsaber, too. But then, what *doesn’t* look good with a lightsaber?

  2. I also admire her glasses* and genuine Darkheart Duckie Computer (TM). I’m sure a DDC is available only from the very finest vendors.

    *as a geek woman who nearly always wears glasses herself.

  3. Thank you. I wear glasses myself and have a fondness for red frames. Ah, a DDC! :D Yes, the little duckie on it will be a rainbow pride duckie.

  4. =^_^=

    Congrats on Esme’s upcoming motherhood! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

    I turned 50 today, well, I guess that’s yesterday given the time. It was certainly memorable. A storm knocked out our power around 10:15 pm the night before and was still off in morning. The phones weren’t working either. On the other hand, my brother-in-law baked me cupcakes. And despite having to work part of the day (and having to go to the office rather than working from home as planned), my husband spent as much time with me as he could. I had a great day.

    *much love*

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