A Sweet Moment

The Sweetbriar is in bloom and I’m always so happy to see bees out and about. It was good to get out with the gear, too.  I did manage to get covered in ants shooting the peonies. Business as usual.

4 thoughts on “A Sweet Moment

  1. Woah, those colours look unreal. I’m glad you had some sunshine, it was raining here all day.

  2. Thanks, Giliell! It’s been very rainy, cloudy and storm-ish here for weeks. It was really nice to get outside for a while in nice, warm weather. Not too hot, either. Those days are rare. I do love seeing the bees, too. Love the buzz. :D

  3. These are beautiful, Caine. When I look at them, I feel as if I’m right there and should be able to just reach out and touch the flower or the bee (although the latter isn’t recommended). :)

  4. Thank you, Hekuni Cat. I know people who actually pet bees, but even though I’ve come a long, long way in dealing with my allergy induced fear of them, that’s something I won’t do! It is wonderful to see them, though. The bee collapse hit very hard here, about a decade ago. The numbers still aren’t back up to where they should be.

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