Shiny Bits

Let the Bending commence!  The shiny bits on Bender’s Duckie are done.  I love that DMC came out with fluorescent thread, but they are a right pain to deal with – they combine the headaches of metallics & silk.


5 thoughts on “Shiny Bits

  1. Amazing! Who are these ducks? And what will they be doing when they’re finished!

  2. I just caught up on TET. I’m so sorry to hear that you will be taking a break from Pharyngula. I will miss you greatly but I will keep a look out for updates about the quilt. (I will also miss the rat stories; they are like little rays of sunshine that never fail to make me smile. In no time at all, Havelock will be deleting your emails and reformatting your hard drive.) *lots of hugs and chocolate*

  3. Thank you, very much. I am updating about the quilt and just did a new post about ratties. :D I have no doubt Havelock will be up to no good in short order, he’s smart and quiet, a dangerous combination! *much love*

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