I’ve gone full court stupid when it comes to Zombie Duckie, so time to…improvise.  First, for some reason, when I did the initial shopping for all the thread I’d need for the duckies, I managed to completely ignore the green I’d need for ZD.  So, I dug around in my admittedly too large stash of embroidery thread and found a green that would work.  Brilliantly, I chose a green I only had one skein of, which wasn’t enough.  So I got to JoAnn’s last Monday and got the *one* skein of that green they had in stock.

I had managed to get the purples I needed for ZD. Usually, I’m generous in estimating and get at least two skeins, even when I think I’ll only need one.  Guess what? The purple I chose for the T-shirt? I got…one skein. Yep.  :Sigh:  Not enough. So, time to improvise. The sleeve of  the T-shirt will have some shading and a rather large hole. It’s either that or wait until Monday and make a trip into town for one effing skein of thread.  I don’t want to travel 120 miles for one skein of thread.  A hole it is!


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