Aarrgh, I be cheap

Okay, I finally caved and bought a Nook Tablet.  There’s $200 down.  I fork over another $20 for a stylus.  $35 to $75 for an effing cover for it? No. No aarrgh *bleeped* aargh way.  I shall spend no more on accessories.  Okay, yeah, I’m cheap.  I decided to make my own cover for the thing and I’m happy, because even though I am not a sewer and most seriously suck at it, this thing cost me all of $5.00 and a bit of time.  Besides, pirates. Pirate skulls. Aargh.

Basic cover, cardboard used for the inside, velcro closure, pocket on front for the stylus, inside pocket for the microfiber cloth to obsessively clean my new gadget.


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