Hoop Hate


Hoops. I hate them, with an increasing passion.  I *always* have tensioning problems.  Always.  On top of that, there’s trouble with hoop stains. Wrapping hoops with cling film takes care of that problem, however, it’s a right pain in the ass to do.  It’s time to spend a few dollars on stretcher bars, I think.  Especially as I have many projects in front of me and dealing with hoops is annoying enough to make me want to ignore stitching.

On to better brighter things.  I’ve discovered Hanging By A Thread and opusanglicanum, two people who make me feel like a 5 year old when it comes to embroidery.  Stunning work all the way around.


7 thoughts on “Hoop Hate

  1. am flattered, thankyou.

    Don’t get me started on F@£$%^&g hoops, I;ve hated them since chidlhood – save up and get a nice floor standing frame for big pieces, I recommend the ones with twist tensioning, I’ve got two and they’re superb

  2. I’ve got two of these


    the screw really allows for tight tensioning, and the fact its floor standing frees up your hands to work quicker (I sit in a chair and lean the lower edge back against myself) I got the second one quite cheapply off ebay, so its worth poking around – even though i think they’re more than worth the new price

  3. btw, tis the top left one, floor standing screw frame. I find theother kind (just described as floor standing frame) which uses wing nuts to tighten, almost as useless as hoops.

    its that big wooden screw thingy that makes it work

  4. Thanks for the link :) But me make you feel like a five yr old – don’t be stupid now!

    I was into hoops for years before I discovered the big square frames – initially I hated the things, because they take a while to ‘frame up’ (you stitch the fabric to the webbing on the frame along the top and lower sides, and then stitch webbing to the vertical edges which is pulled tight with string.) But once you’ve fiddled with that, the tension is SO much better – I tend to halve the fabric and have two projects on the go on one frame, that way it doesn’t matter I can’t just pop one out of the hoop and put the next one in.

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