The Elegant Zombie Problem

This particular pillow presented a challenge. My friend has a love of all things Zombie and I wanted to do an elegant zombie, rather than the standard shambling mess.  In the end, I adapted one of my art pieces to make a pattern.  Once I had that worked out, I faced the problem of skin. How in the hell was I going to do that? Trying to stitch zombie skin would be nothing but a mess and I was reluctant to try to use fabric as a stand in.  Here, Urban Threads deserves a huge shout out for their tutorial on dyeing fabric using crayons.

I collect Crayola crayons, so there was no shortage in this artist’s house.  Out came the crayons and the colouring commenced.  Then came the stitching and an elegant zombie was born created.

Elegant Zombie Pattern
Dyed Elegant Zombie
Elegant Zombie close up
It's an Elegant Zombie pillow!
Blood Spatter signature

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