Bone weary…

of white people intent on victim blaming and other stupidities. Several days ago, I wrote this in response to one of those people:

Gee, I think I was just ‘those people’d’. I’m honored, thanks.

Of all the people who blow through here, I often take great pains to be patient, clear, and explanatory. Why don’t I do that with you? Because every time I’ve read a post by you, it’s saying something egregiously stupid and wrong. I’m not obligated to be nice to you, or hold your hand while attempting to get victim blaming 101, racism 101, privilege 101, and bias 101 into that brain of yours.

A lot of us have been curating news for 10 days straight. That involves having to read a great deal of racist shit, which is stressful on its own, let alone on top of the stress of shaking, crying, and feeling like we have vomit up our anguish and anger over what is happening to a town full of people who are rightly angry over the murder of an 18 year old, then having their humanity and rights blatantly stripped from them. A lot of us recognize the dire nature of this situation, and that sooner or later, that rumble will mow down our towns. A lot of us recognize our common humanity and the necessity of solidarity. We empathize. We feel their pain. We feel our own pain. We feel the shock and disbelief over events in Ferguson. That shock and disbelief is being shared the world over.

This is Terror, writ large and inflicted on us from those who have set themselves above and beyond people in general, people struggling to live their lives, people who want to love, create, work, educate, and enjoy themselves and others. People who should not have to live in fear every. single. day. of. their. lives. Adults who, every day, know the insidious and horrible fear that someone they love may be summarily executed by one in authority, who will face no consequence. Children who, every day, know the insidious and horrible fear that they may lose a friend, sibling, parent, relative to execution by cop. Young people who, every day, know the insidious and horrible fear that someone might decide to gun them down. People who, every day, know that if they are gunned down, the media will portray them in the worst possible light, and stupid bigots will eat that up with a sage nod of the head. People who, every day of their lives, live with harassment from those in authority. People who cannot gather without mass amounts of bigots, many of them in positions of authority, assuming they are naturally up to no good. People who are always blamed, no. matter. what.

Me? I. Am. So. Damn. Lucky. Y’see, I’m mixed race, but that is not apparent on the outside. On the outside, I’m white, white, white. I can pass, so I get white privilege oozing out the ass. I know how fucking lucky I am, and I know not to presume on other peoples’ experiences. I know it’s better if I listen than pontificate. I know that no matter how much I empathize, I’ll never know the deep every day fear that POC get to live with. I know I’ll always be more accepted and have more opportunities than people who are visibly POC. I know that all those things mean I cannot afford to play dimwitted, clueless white person. I know those things mean I need to listen all the time, I need to read, I need to learn, I need to educate myself and educate others.

You, [redacted], have had absolutely nothing to say about any of that. No, what was important to you was to nitpick and criticize people in an impossible situation. That certainly paints you in a very bad light, and no one is obliged to suffer your foolishness kindly.

There’s more. So much more. Today, though, I’m going to let Jonathan H. Gray speak for me, because he does it so very well: I spent my lunch break drawing this. It was more personal than taking a picture.


Stay Angry, Stay Woke


Most importantly, stay informed. Don’t rely on msm reports, who are desperately trying to spin what’s been happening in Ferguson.  One thing that’s important for people to understand: THE TIME STAMP ON THE VIDEO IS FROM FUCKING JUNE! THIS WAS NOT THE SAME DAY! BOOST THE FUCK OUT OF THIS!  Another thing that’s important to understand is that the DOJ told Chief Jackson to not release the video, as it would increase tensions, and had nothing to do with the murder of Mike Brown, which Jackson has admitted, publicly. Another thing that is very important to understand: a small group of people tried to incite rioting and looting in Ferguson. Yes, they caused damage. Yes, they were wrong. No, they weren’t from Ferguson. Yes, townspeople of Ferguson formed blockades to prevent looting. Yes, townspeople of Ferguson stopped fires and break-ins. Yes, townspeople of Ferguson got up early this morning to clean up.

This is Ferguson PD.

Ferguson Police Chief Admits Mike Brown Shooting Not Related to Robbery

In the Aftermath of Ferguson, Stay Angry and Stay Woke

What happened in Ferguson last night.

Protesters Blocking Looters Last Night.

Ferguson Townspeople Helping to Clean Up.

Please, if you haven’t donated, consider doing so: The Michael Brown Memorial Fund

Petition: Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera.

Enough is enough. Please join us in calling on federal and city officials to rigorously investigate, prosecute, and fire all officers involved.

Dumbest Police Chief in America

Ferguson Residents Protect Stores from Looters During Police Standoff

And for those of you who can’t cope with Twitter, here’s what Antonio French tweeted about last night:

Via #AntonioFrench:

I 1st left the area around 11:30. Things were peaceful & rainy. I took my wife home & was hoping for a good night’s sleep. Then got a text.

The text said, “Uh I think something popped off at the liquor store in ferguson”. I put back on my clothes and raced down W. Florisant.

By the time I arrived, the police were gone, as were the tear gas and smoke. Based on previous nights, that seemed strange.

A photojournalist friend told me what they saw a few minutes before…

They said after a tense standoff following an individual throwing a bottle at an officer, police were pulling back…

They said as police and the tanks were DRIVING AWAY they shot tear gas into the crowd, “Like a big fuck you,” they said.

Based on later conversations, I don’t know if that use of tear gas was authorized. But sure did make getting ppl calmed down more difficult.

When I arrived, I saw the men-to-boy ratio was not favorable. There wasn’t the same number of leaders on the scene as the night before.

Then another standoff. Myself and others tried to hold back the crowd. I pleaded for both sides to stand down.

“We appreciate you, but we don’t need you,” one of the young men told me. He said they were ready for war. “We sick of this shit.”

I really was about to lose hope of being able to keep the two sides apart. Then Anthony Shahid arrived. His presence helped redirect them.

Shahid said something to 1 of the men who I saw as being a real instigator of escalation. Whatever he said, he was on our team immediately.

Shahid then got the crowd to agree to hold their position while he and I went over to see Captain Johnson.

We agreed that another violent confrontation could be avoided if we got the crowd to move away from the police line back to Ferguson Ave.

Shahid also got police to agree to stop shouting instructions on the loudspeaker, which agitated the crowd, making our task more difficult.

We went back. It took some speeches, 1-on-1 conversations, some hugs, some gentle pushes, even a line of interlocked arms to move them back.

Others helping to push back the crowd included @Patricialicious and some strong young people determined to keep the peace.

The line did get back to Ferguson Ave, where it stayed the rest of the night. Objective #1: Avoiding another violent confrontation ☑️

Continuing  via #AntonioFrench:

But then some of the troublemakers, no longer supported by the crowd, started gathering separately on a nearby parking lot.

Next thing you hear is glass break. Some run through the busted door of a beauty supply store. Immediately, some ppl run to block them.

I’m really proud of those who ran to block looters. They tried to redirect back to the chant “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”

After peace had been restored there, another ruckus on the lot of Ferguson Market. Looters pulled off the plywood and entered.

Again, protestors quickly arrived and block the entrance. I got in the middle. “We are better than this,” I told them. This isn’t protest.

Protestors secured Ferguson Market for that time. Most of the crowd of troublemakers moved further down West Florissant, towards the QT.

I reconnected w/Shahid to discuss strategy. We knew, given the mood, even a small group of police coming to secure stores would lead to riot

We heard about guys w/guns and large Molotov cocktails ready. So to avoid violence, the ppl here had secure the businesses as best we could.

With the beauty supply and Ferguson market secured for the moment, the troublemakers moved down towards Sam’s Market.

By the time I arrived, looters were already in the building.

I’m not going to lie. This sight really broke my heart. I was so disappointed in these people. And I got out my car and told them as much.

Soon some protestors arrived and tried to secure Sam’s Market too.

By this time it was just around 2AM. Still too many troublemakers. Still too much anger. Still too many weapons. Still too few grown men.

Now it was kind of a waiting game. How long before the troublemakers just go home? We knew it was going to be a long night.

Quick note: I think Shahid is close to 60. I know he’d been awake since 5AM when he wakes up for prayer. This wouldn’t be over till after 4.

I want to be clear: Police not coming in at this point — even with the looting — was a good thing. It would’ve gotten very violent.

I began hearing reports of threats to some of the journalists who were trying to record the troublemakers. Also some plans to set fires.

Continuing via #AntonioFrench:

I heard that they were really determined to set Sam’s Market and Ferguson Market on fire.

                          It became so clear the awfulness of the situation. Communities need police. But here & now, the slightest police presence enrages people.

Soon looters overran the group guarding Sam’s. Soon after that we heard they started to set it on fire. The young guy with me ran towards.

That young man ran top speed into the broken glass opening into Sam’s Market, where some smoke and a small flame could be seen.

When I arrived he had an armful of grape soda 2-litter bottles & was pouring it on the small flame. I grabbed one of the bottles and helped.

Still not fully satisfied, the troublemakers hopped in their cars & started doing donuts in the now completely empty lanes of W. Florissant.

Others started taking license plates off their cars. “They’re going to Walmart,” someone said. And soon, after more car tricks, they left.

Continuing via #AntonioFrench:

The police w/their assault weapons, tank-like vehicles, and gas bombs, held their line and had not left yet. Only a few people remained.

Then out of nowhere a white Suburban with all it windows down sped quickly up W. Florissant past our line and towards the police…

Police raised their rifles and trained them on the vehicle as it quickly approached and then suddenly stopped just a few yards from police.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! WTF?!” and “Brother, what are you doing?!” could be heard from the crowd. The vehicle began to back up slowly.

As he backed up past me and then began making a U-turn to go back where he came from, I could see a shiny silver handgun in his right hand.

Quick note: My out-of-town followers should know that in the State of Missouri it is legal to drive around with your handgun.

It was nearing 4AM. The street was bare and I had heard a report that indeed they did go to Walmart. Soon police began to leave the area.

I was exhausted. A lot of us exchanged handshakes and hugs. Then I hopped in my car and drove home, saddened by the lost #PeaceInFerguson.


done, with at least a couple hundred more to go.

click for larger image

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Let the pantograph begin

At this point, I’d rather take a nap.



It’s so much fun securing three layers of batting when you don’t have anyplace to do it.  Another reason to get downstairs finished, not only is there room, but I can have a proper design wall, too. Almost there…



All Stitched Up

with a pantograph to go.  Starting the pantograph will have to wait until tomorrow, today is movie day and roast beast day. I should get cooking here…

Quilt top, all stitched up now

Quilt top, all stitched up now

The pantograph I put together

The pantograph I put together


Now it’s time to sew.



Ironed, measured, cut, and hemmed

On with the sewing!



This is a maple stick, a work in progress.  58″ and a lovely walker. A generous hat tip to the folks at, one of whom mentioned using brown paper on the wood. It imparts a gorgeous, satiny finish.

Click for larger image

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Slight Progress

Busy, busy, busy…


A little grass

A bit of grass for the bottom border.



A second edge of the border is done.